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Phi Tattoo Peeling is a gentle skin peeling gel that dissolves dead skin cells without irritating the skin, which makes it completely safe to use before pmu, microblading and tattoo procedures. Compared to the traditional harsh skin peelings, this gentle exfoliating gel formula is acting without disturbing the skin, making it suitable to use before tattooing procedures, as well as for very sensitive skin.

The peeling is used before the treatment to remove dead skin buildup, that may cause inflammation and complications after these kind of procedures. Contains tea tree oil which is great antiseptic, that prevents infections and bacteria development.  Peeling the skin is especially important before microblading , because while working with the blade you can insert dead skin or dirt particles into the dermis which may cause a serious infection. This is why you must make sure you work on clean and fresh skin, with no dust, dirt or dead skin accumulated. A lightweight formula without sticky residue, suitable for every skin type

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